Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chatenay: Countryside where Guthrie says, "Mountains are better than toys!"

A lemon pastry the night before we left Lyon for Chatenay to visit Corinne in her magical hillside village of Chatenay in Burgundy country....

The kids' cool architecural robot figures....
Harper in front of her self-portrait that we did by tracing her and filling it in on the day I kept her home from school to recuperate after being bitten by a classmate!

Guthrie blowing dandelions in Chatenay....
The kids blowing dandelions and making lots of wishes....

Trees at Corinne's recycling site...In case you can't tell, it is still VERY COLD here and wintery. Tres bizarre....
View from Corinne's "attic" skylight. The attic is a huge space that is my dream studio space. It is where we sleep at the top of steep stairs in the quietest night.....
An old fence post outside of Corinne's house:
A circle of some straw-like material on the attic ping-pong table:
A peony we brought from Lyon on Corinne's kitchen window:
The path leading up to Corinne's house -
Orange juice on the rusty table in the front yard -
One of Corinne's chickens (or is this a rooster?). Absolutely the BEST eggs ever -
Driving to a market in a nearby town through winding switchback country roads, passing crucifixes, goats, sheep, cows, horses, ponies, geese, ducks, farms and signs for OEUFS -

One of many "nature mortes"/still lives in Corinne's magical home. This is a photograph of her in the wooden box frame -
The sugar tin:

The lizard-salamander-beetle-dragonfly-yellow-jacket-tadpole catching net we bought for Guthrie at the market, in front of Corinne's house:
The amazing Mont D'or fondue (a whole wheel of Mont D'or baked in the oven in its wooden box) served with smoked ham, sausage and potatoes...

We feasted on such delicious and healthy food at Corinne's, as always. Here is one of our lunches - rustic pizza, salad, bread, wine....

Looking through a glassless window from the dining room into the kitchen, a readymade still life:

And at another time -

Guthrie found a mole and was so very excited! He - the mole - ended up burrowing his way back into the ground in no time!
Harper with one of the goats that provided the milk for the most amazing goat cheese. Corinne;s neighbor, a strong and happy woman, sells fresh milk and goat cheese from her kitchen. The goat cheese is in 3 stages - super soft and fresh (delicious with creme fraiche and brown sugar), demi-sec (half dry) and super dry.....

The goat cheese cages outside....
Guthrie with the farmer's dog Bell -

The farmer's hose -
Guthrie spinning the sharpening wheel in Corinne's front yard -

Handsome David reminding me of a Casper David Freidrich painting -
A detail from the landing window at the bottom of the attic stairs
A line in the sky. "But no," says Guthrie. "It's a wire!"
Harper in oversized boots to go into the pond to catch lizards. Of course she fell in and was completely drenched within minutes....
Typical Chatenay countryside -

These are the famous Charolais cows that are grass fed and from which the "best steaks" are made. They seem very happy to me.

Guthrie must have said "This is the best day of my life" 5 times in Chatenay. Here is one bug collection....

Harper and Guthrie making a fairy house. They have made these in England, Germany, North Carolina, Japan and now France -
The kids in daddy David's leather jacket...

Here is Corinne!
The bread basket hovering above one of my favourite floors -
Another incredible meal of white asparagus served with homemade mayonnaise and a cucumber salad with creme fraiche...
The asparagus peel in the compost tub on the windowsill -
An achor on the radiator. We have one of these in NC that we found in Saint Marie de la Maires in the Camargue (Mediterranean France)
One of the many lizards caught by Guthrie. All of them were released back into the pond but he cried when he did it. He is now working on a poem in the shape of a lizard for a school poem.

Corinne took me to the nearby Museum of the Demarcation Line which was pretty boring, but it had some noteworthy things like this map of the German invasion -
And this image of children looking up at a bomber plane -
And this unbelievable sign about recognizing Jewish traits -
And this fantastic (so contemporary) icon of the Allied Forces smashing Fascism -
The museum was across the railroad tracks from this closed down Mine Factory:

The public restrooms in the town of La Clayette -
A hat shop window in La Clayette. Pictures like are always in hommage to Atget:

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