Wednesday, May 5, 2010

URDLA and Perouges

A boy with his stick and bag in the backyard and on his DSI

Harper downstairs:

Harper on the patio table -

Harper being an actress in the late afternoon -

We went to Perouges, a magical medieval town an hour outside of Lyon, with our French friends Laurence, Eric and Maxence, on May Day, May 1, when people sell little bouguets of Lily of the Valley on every street corner, even in the chilly rain! This is the amazing church in Perouges:

A workhop window in Perouges -

Westeria kids in Perouges -

The famous gallettes of Perouges that you can buy all over town:

Another incredible doorknocker -

The church in Perouges:

Typical street scene in Perouges -

Lily of the Valley May Day kids -

Maxence and Harper -

Max and his beetle -

The absolutely delicious Grenouille (frog legs) we had for lunch, drenched in butter, parsley and garlic, served with twice fried potatoes, after a yummy salad with warm goat cheese and followed by fromage blanc and red fruits!

Here I am in front of the frog leg restaurant:

Darling Daddy David and sweet Harperoo -

Another cool Citroen -

I have been going to URDLA to work on my etchings. This is where I work:

There are so many beautiful things at URDLA - tools, artifacts, materials, art, stones, plates, cloths, people, paper, stamps, letters, archives.....

One of my copper plates in process - OCCUPATION RESISTANCE

Another plate in process....It has been such a luxurious experience working there. Vincent is my assistant and he prepares the plates for me, doing all the hard, tricky and dirty work, moving my chair, getting me coffee and explaining what I need to do next every step of the way. Sometimes I get to see my friend Cyrille there in his cool Prada shoes and YSL bag, all black, and we go get lunch: rabbit terrine, wild chicken...Etching is a completely different, new and in reverse process for me and I like it so far. Not sure how the prints will come out and why they need to be prints, but it feels right and I think I will love them. I am hoping to be able to do some big lithographs once the etchings are finished.

Two of Jacqueline Salmon's pieces - seen from the back - from the last show, "Active Violence," - Maman, what is it? and Democracy

Assan Smati's show opens Saturday and it has been wonderful working in the midst of his work leaning against the walls. Here is some of his work:

The gorgeous pale pink tree we drive by every day on the way home from school -

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