Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crazy France

I am typing this on my spanking new MacBook Pro laptop with a EURO keyboard. FNAC, where we bought it, will not refund the money, nor are they allowed to import/sell U.S. keyboards. They were extremely rude to David when he went to try to exchange/return it. I have nifty handmade letters taped to the keys and David has programmed it to a U.S. keyboard and installed all my software. He is the best. My new Nikon D300s is actually better than my previous camera and the video mode is pretty cool. I understand more about it than I did my previous camera. I had MJ Sharp = bless her soul - help me set the whole camera up last time but this time, i followed the book and did it myself! David brought home a handy computer lock cord... Hoping the robbers do not return....

Meanwhile, it is a glorious day here in France = bright blue skies, blooming westeria and lilacs, a perfect breeze and temperature. Harper has a horrible cough and cold and bug bites all over her face. Guthrie has a bad rash (perhaps the same odd pox Harper had before?) and big red welts from scratching mosquito or spider bites! I made an enormous pot of chicken soup for dinner with figs, dates, raisins, bouquet garni, rice, lemons, herbs, garlic, onions, peppers....we ate it with fresh black olive tapenade on the freshest french breads and washed it down with mint juleps! For dessert - fresh strawberries and banane et choclat chaussons (in honor of my dear comrade Joel Brouwer who just won a Guggenheim for his marvelous poetry).

It's a funny world and we are all lucky to be in it, despite the bad and ugly. There is always some beauty and joy.....

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  1. i ONCE tried to send an email on a euro keyboard. i gave up 15 minutes later after typing one paragraph. :(