Monday, April 19, 2010

Map Heads and Haircuts

Here is Guthrie's balloon art.

And some of the many drawings by Harper Ursula:

A collaboration between Harper and me:

Harper's portrait of me!

and of brother Guthrie:

and of daddy David -

and her self-portrait -

This one reminds me of Basquiat -

This is one of Guthrie's "banana" drawing-collages made the night we saw the Ben Vautier show -

And Harper's post-Vautier collage -

Here are some sketches for my etching project that I hope to begin soon. I meet with URDLA this week to schedule the printing....

We went to the Parc Tete D'Or (park of the golden head) on Sunday, the first truly glorious spring day in Lyon. The kids rode paddle boats and the choo-choo train, saw elephants, monkeys and enormous turtles, played in the playgrounds and had ice cream......

Here is Harper today, the day after her first real haircut. She cried buckets last night when I cut it (after losing the battle against lice that all the kids got at their school). But today she loves it, especially after getting 3 new headbands to wear! I can't tell if she looks older or younger....but she is scrumptious!

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