Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lyon in June

The above beautiful drawing of a recipe is from sweet + brilliant Luci Martinez (val + Laura's girl). We have made this soup twice now and it is delicious. My friend Lesley added basil. I think mint would taste great too. We do not have a blender here in France so we just hand-mashed it and it was perfect. Thanks Luci!

Here is Harper Ursual after their school's summer fete last weekend. She had her face painted as a butterfly. Guthrie was a vampire and he won a small portable radio in the raffle!

Here is Guthrie painting while Harper eats her popsicle. Those were the good old warm days. It is chilly again and non-stop rain all week. Hope it's sunny next week, our last week. We are busy packing, shipping, purging, wallowing in the bittersweetness of our pending departure.....but luckily, we are going to the White House June 29 - a fantastic distraction!

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  1. Lyon, the city of my dreams. I went once, I would like to go again.