Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vaison Le Romaine, Provence, Part II: The happy kids

I took over 800 photographs in Provence, and here is the next selection, of the kids. Guthrie and Harper loved being with 9 year old Clara, 7 year old Max and 4 year old Rosa, who turned 5 while we were there. We celebrated with the best eclairs - chocolate and caramel - after lunch, and dinner out that night. They were happiest in the pool, but also doing the treasure hunt Clara planned with Guthrie -

Rosa looking like Andy -
Rosa on the way to pick cherries -
Harper, Guthrie and Max on the way back from cherry picking....
Max picking cherries -
Guthrie and Harper picking cherries, actually, collecting and transferring them all into Max's bag -
Rosa and Max picking cherries -
All 5 kids before going out to dinner -
At the pool right before bed -
In the medieval part of town -
Rosa fixing harper's hair after putting on make up -
Dreamy Harper.....
Harper and daddy at one of the medieval water basins -
Harper counting in a hide and go seek game, standing next to the wine press garage door -
Guthrie and Max playing....
Guthrie's drawing -
Harper and Guthrie in bed -
Clara -
All of us going out to dinner -
Guthrie and Max collecting bugs -

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