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Annecy - Haute Savoie Town > luxuriously fabulous

My beautiful family sitting at an outdoor A of spades table in Annecy, an unbelieveably beautiful town 2.5 hours away from Lyon by train. Huge Lake surrounded by mountains. They were waiting for me as I shopped at tres hip thrift shop.....the only one in town.

white asparagus that the French eat dipped in aoli or plain mayonnaise......

love the purple / lavendar colors that hum in fresh garlic and the white asparagus...

a beautiful 1930s memorial to a particular doctor who helped the poor, under renovation...

photosynth panorama of the big park in Annecy on the lake...

the insanely soft ground playground tucked behind a church in the center of town....

closed shop window (after Lynn Saville and Guy Bourdin)

tree graffiti back in Lyon on a fantastic day park jumping, strolling, playgrounding...

carousel in park tete d'or

bear graffiti / stencil in Annecy

back in Lyon

boats along the Rhone in Lyon

amazing slides on the paddle boats in Annecy.

Photosynth panorama from the train from Annecy to Lyon (after Tama Hochbaum and W.G. Sebald)

from the Bridge of Love in Annecy, a canal.... some say Annecy is the French Venice or Amsterdam, but not really. it is as touristy and for good reasonS.

Lyon Parc Tete D;'or Carousel - pegasus atop flying...

bikes in Parc Tete D'Or

very moderne chairs at the old Chateau in Annecy, now a museum with a contemporary show on birds, but we didn't see it - closed for lunch, ahhhhhh the French know how to live.

Annecy chimneys

David having a haircut in Annecy

back of a market truck in Annecy

Lyon zoo - leopard
Lyon Parc

more Train Panoramas from Annecy train to Lyon

our hallway view as we wait for the elevator

A graveyard decoration in Cyrille's amazing psychoanalytic apartment - so glad we got to see it and him, Patrick and his lovely daughter Lou. This hangs above the dining room table - very old, beaded, faded, metal, gorgeous, I guts to take from cemeteries....

Patricka nd Cyrille (Patrick on left in kitchen doorway - Cyrille on right in Dinig Room doorway - fab

living room, very modern and cool and handsome and french and delicious

the plaque on the outside of the building, so PROUD of Cyrille. he is the Director of URDLA and a Lacanian psychoanalyst who knows how to "play with structures". The most stylish and fabulous man I know, after David of course...

Guthrie on Cyrille's psychoanalysis couch. Cyrille sits in the chair on the left. For Real.

Cyrille's mother's glasses for perfect wines...

sitting down for: fresh mozzerrella like clouds, green asparagus, a very mustardy french vinegaraette, pasta with moroccan spiced tomato sauce, fresh bread, delicious wine and ana pple tart that we bought at a nearby bakery, Jules, on Ascension. (I am such a bad / lapsed Catholic. I previously said it was Pentacost.)

Patrick and his daughter Lou

Annecy daisies

David and Guthrie playing on a crazy see-saw in Lyon

David wearing Harper's hat on top of his own while he pushes them on a swing in the Parc


Love the old door and sign with a u-turn arrow, Annecy

old door detail in Annecy

My dream home in Annecy - if you sat on one of those 3 floors with windows, you would have a full view of the mountains and lake

Lyon roof

Girl in Parc, Lyon - love her dress

Old sign for the old elephant we used to visit in Lyon - now Princess Stephanie has the elephant, saving her from death......much to the delight of David who has a mad crush on the Princess

trompe l'oeil of a doorway with a cat, Annecy

Lyon play

Train panorama

detail of Annecy dock as we paddle off in a boat...

Flamingoes in Lyon

The fort / chateau in Annecy where Swiss Counts once lived


Lyon zoo - what does the fox say? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

from train near Annecy

Parc Tete D'or - Guignol puppet theatre sign - for Laura

Guthrie in David's hat at a pizza place along the Rhone

Happy Guthrie on the train going to Annecy


Harper asleep on the train

Harper climbing a great wall in Lyon

Harper in her found sunglasses

Guthrie's photo of Harpie - love that he uses my Nikon...

Amazing metal horse bikes in the Annecy Park of Europe -

instrument shop in Annecy

love this Francis Alys / Luc Tuymans tropme l'oeil in Annecy

for Jeff Wall

woman on the lake in Annecy

such fun paddle boating

lyon morning light

poor lion - whenever i am in a zoo, i think of John Berger's Why We Look At Animals essay = =

Annecy bridge of amour...

alys / tuymans

eyeglass store in Annecy - one on every block (with a patisserie, boulangerie, coiffure, parfumerie and fancy clothes shop)...

Lyon man resting

meringues in Annecy

on metro

mediocre mime in Annecy

kids with a mini - David's dad just bought one back in the states



CLOS  NEMOVRS uses a very UNC logo on the gate....

my new lyon top, bought with Iris...

lyon lady

david's new do! fantastique!

tired on the train

lovely opening to play area in Parc Tete D'Or

typical sidewalk in Lyon

Patrick and Lou

political poster in Annecy, post-election

more train panoramas

 lyon red hand

Annecy reflections

monument to the war dead in Annecy....


the most amazing roses in Annecy

sand cats at the zoo


hip slides in Lyon

Guthrie on the platform in Annecy

poster in Annecy, detail

Cyrille's entranceway staircase

star cross in Annecy - seen by me and Guthrie at about the same time.

photosynth panorama


Sun dial in Annecy on lake

sunrise in apartment

swan boat in Annecy

crazy swings in parc tete d'or, waited almost hour for our turn..

harper loved it - guthrie got off early, dizzy...

annecy dress

Guthrie building with metro tickets, so much like my older brother Stephen, whom he reminds me of every day......

hedges in annecy

totem pole in Annecy

train panorama

lyon tree with a heart

photosynth train pano

box for coins in Annecy church

underneath the skateboard park in Lyon

Typical Annecy view

Harper filling our water bottle for the fifth time that day..

water playground  in lyon, water not working..


Guthrie "worries about everything" - just like his mama

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