Thursday, May 22, 2014

Another lovely day in Lyon yesterday, Wednesday, finding the new Parc Blandan, reuniting with our old dear friends Iris, Freya and Jacob (who are moving back to London after 5 lovely years in Lyon), feasting on crepes and carpaccio, wine and dusk light, riding carousels, shopping, lemon tarts....

our beautiful hostess

Jacob and Guthrie at Place Bellecour, statue to Louis XIV:

Harper and Freya

Harper, Freya, Jacob, Guthrie, David and Iris

I love this building - there are so many like it in Lyon

A young man sketching / writing on the Isle de Souvenir in Parc Tete D'Or in a bowler hat

Fresh bread

carousel horses

city hall at dusk

more cotton candy / the same sunday cotton candy via Lumiere

Cypress knees.....

David Papa Epidemiologist Husband Lover Comrade Friend Man

Dusk glow

King Louis XIV's foor with toenail polish...

A fountain near the Lyon Opera that I have never likes - still don't - but here, in this photo, i like it.

FUKUSHIMA MON AMOUR - Harper saw this!

Gates under repair at Parc Tete d'Or

The giraffes

Happy Guppy

Happy mama and boy

poster in the metro station for Handicap International........effective

Papa and Harps at Pizza Pino

Harper in Parc Blandan, an old military fort being transformed into a super cool park / playground

Iris Hammers, crime fiction writer, and elin o'Hara slavick, artist

selfie of me by Guthrie

Isle de Souvenir in Parc Tete d'Or - memorials to war dead since WWI

paper light in store window

Did Louise Bourgeois actually design these parking barricades??????

The new park in Lyon, Parc Blandan, in an old military fort......


rhubarb on wall - one of my favorite photographs so far:

King Louis XIV

Tree knot root head skull wood growth tumor lump mushroom cloud

skateboard ramps in Parc Blandan

bank doorway

St. Jean all cleaned up - last time we were here it was all brown and dark gray, covered in soot.

Not sure what this manifestation / protest was about but Guthrie really wanted to go see, inspired by Moral Mondays in NC, and I think it was about equal education for ALL, no matter what gender or sexual orientation / identification you are:

My second favorite photograph so far - could be anywhere and nowhere and everywhere:

rhubarb and blueberry tartlets

tennis in Parc Blandan, for val martinez:

bike tracks in parc

almost toour hotel, Villemanzy:

Love this one too:

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