Sunday, May 18, 2014

Still more pictures from yesterday - slow uploading here. Guthrie took this one:

Downtown street fence.....

flower stall

flying bag post-market

"the coolest pop in town"

little frenchies in hotel room

amazing wall paintings everywhere - graffiti schmitti

lovely big gingko tree in big brueghel park


Le Gros Caillou / the big rock

Guppy in the sun

Resistance hero at Place Bellecour

Doing homework

bedroom window

looking for lizards

view from our living room

City Hall

elementary school in Croix Rousse

amazing MG

No Borders / No Nations


Orangina magic

cool owl toy store window


I can not get enough of these parking blockade stones that are like Louise Bourgeois sculptures

PUSH moss

Old clock window

Woman making pizza

raspberry tart cakes waiting to be eaten

typical style

temporary tattoo

the most divine truffle cheese

One of the many hotel sitting areas

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