Saturday, May 17, 2014

Back in Lyon, gastronomical capital of France, for 2 weeks. David is here for 6 weeks, working at IARC (World Health Organization's International Center for the Research on Cancer). Guthrie, Harper and I arrived yesterday and brought the sunshine. Love walking the streets, here an old arcade that always makes me thunk of Walter Benjamin:

Guthrie looking like a movie star in downtown Lyon as David gets $$$ from a cash machine:

A fantastica graphic poster for the "issue of Belarus":

Books inside a frosted striped window:

Croix Rousse doorway, our old neighborhood, home in France.

Amazing cakes in a bakery at the Opera:

Ancient carousel downtown

Croix Rousse, home to the radical silkweavers, is full of very cool and hip graffitti

David with the freezepop wrapper that says, "the coolest pop in town" in English

Gorgeous parkw ith super steep slides, Harper blowing a dandelion

LOVE de Chevauxs........

David asked me to take a picture of her derriere at Place Jacobins

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  1. Before I even saw the caption I was rather impressed with that woman's derrière. xoxo to all 4 of you.--arb