Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lumiere Museum via Lumiere App on iPhone + "real Nikon" photos

If any any of you are ever in Lyon, be sure to make a beeline to the Lumiere Institut/Museum in their old house and factories - recently renovated, always sensational, magical, cinematic, historical. Even my kids loved it this time!!!!! One of my favorite places in the world.
3D picture without the 3D glasses = LOVE:


Lumiere awning in the rain on our way out...

real window looking very cinematic - everything looks more beautiful when you are inside the Lumiere Museum

The original roof/ceiling of the Lumiere factory / usine, where the first film stage was made...

Film and film's reflections:

Harper and Guthrie playing JAIL - loving it - here is Guthrie being punished:

these pictures of a little Lumiere film of dancers make me think of Tama Hochbaum's silver screen photographs. Hers are better of course!

I see this de Chevaux every day and want it....

view from David's IARC cafeteria

Lumiere Door to lobby:

Guthrie and Harper learning about and loving the Lumiere Institute

POSTER that uses one of my favorite paintings in the Gemaldegalerie in Berlin

LOVE this corner store - has been here forever...

Lumiere lampshade detail

One of the Lumiere Brothers with his LION!!!!!!!!

LL - Lumiere brothers - door

Lumiere entranceway floor - - -

when you come up out of the metro at Montplasir Lumiere, here is a screen for outdoor events....

magic lanterns......

lady in the Lumiere park......anna karina

ping pong at IARC

projection light on glass

tabac right near out hotel ------

T I L D A    S W I N T O N -----

lovely tomatoes = should have bought some

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