Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Wednesday before Pentacost

Angela Davis car!!!!!! Right outside our hotel:

Closed shop doors

One of many cool boats along the riverbank - for Nico, val, Laura and Luci:

Church object

Post Richter / Post Sonic Youth / candles

Amazing chocolate shop where I bought Miss Laura a gift....

Chocolate dipped oranges...

Coins for the Poor.....


Croix Rousse = our neighborhood since 1999....

doors in the 6th

for Felix Gonzalez Torres

Happy Harper eating Strawberry and Lime ice cream. I had Chartreuse and Violette (with real candied violets in it!)

Happy boy about to stay "home" to read while Harpie and I go "shopping" - found only ice cream!

Harper taking pictures in the church:

Holy Water

Croix Rousse again, our hotel is the center horizontally long building...

A once upon a time Mayor of Lyon

Pistachio treats

Church table - for Jeff Wall

Skate Parks - large and small, along the river

Reistance Plaque

Don't know who this crazy lady statue is of, but it is pretty incredible...

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