Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Adrian Paci + Snow

From Adrian Paci's film "Per Speculum," 2006:

The first time we stumbled in on Adrian Paci's film room at the Lyon Biennale X, we all got goosebumps. It was magical. He is originally from Albania and now lives and works in Italy. I include here a sequential series of photographs from the films to give you sense of them. The big projector sat loudly at the back of the room and continued to illuminate the loop of 35mm (16mm?) color film of children up a majestic tree with shards of mirror at dusk and a group of children reflected in a large mirror in the countryside and the main boy/protagonist uses his slingshot to break it = enjoy! (I bought one of his catalogues at the bookshop, published by Charta - the Italian press that did my Bomb After Bomb book.) Guthrie and I swear that Paci's films are our favourite pieces in the whole Biennale. And here we are watching them:

And here are the kids in our backyard in the snow on the first day of school that was cancelled:

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  1. Wow, the Paci does look amazing; as does your snow. Cards for H & G were mailed out today; look for them!!