Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paper Crowns, embroidery and textiles

An architectural detail in downtown Lyon

My first self-portrait in the bathroom of the Textile Museum. This was as exciting as the textile Biennial I came to see.

This was the only decent piece in the show and it was in the courtyard.

These are the Gallete de Roi crowns that came with our frangipane gallette and the two little ceramic "prizes" - a chocolate bar and a cake -

And here are some random knickknacks on the living room shelf in our apartment -

And here is the amazing embroidery that my friend Huong Ngo sent to Lyon for us. It reads, "Communists must give revolutionary leaders hip in culture....."

This is what hangs above my desk as I type: Carol Mavor's Christmas card so eloquently opened by Harper and elements from Amy White's envelope

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