Thursday, January 21, 2010

Looking at Lyon

The International School of Lyon in Ste. Foy les Lyon on a foggy day and looking out two windows.

I tried to go to the Center of Deportation and Resistance (I can only imagine the long and bureaucratically poetic meeting in which they decided on this name for what I call "The Museum of Resistance") again today but "due to a social movement, the center will be closed today." So, I walked around for a few hours before picking up the kids. Here are a few photographs from the past few days (not from today which was a gloriously sunny day):

For Godard -

God and Work, a sign on a building on our block. I believe it is a school building.

What David picked up at the bakery for dessert a couple nights ago, for the kids, a meringue.

A tree in the kids' schoolyard -

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