Thursday, January 28, 2010

Howard Zinn

I cried a lot today, thinking about this world without Howard Zinn, but end up feeling happy for all he generously contributed and how much of the world has heard him and will continue to listen. My dear friend Lisa Ross (thank you!) sent me these photos from Cooper Union a couple years ago, when I introduced him and he spoke so eloquently and profoundly about and against war.

One of my favourite heroes and comrades, HOWARD ZINN, died at the age of 87. He was a great and angelic man, humble and brilliant, kind and handsome, nice and open, smart and radical, a feminist, pacifist (even though he dropped bombs during WWII - he lived to understand and regret what bombs do to people, innocent people), humanist, historian and more. I am so sad and can not seem to stop crying because he can not be replaced. He is unique. He WAS unique. I knew this would happen, as it will to all of us, but I am still stunned that he has left us here - to carry on his work! I am so happy that I knew him, heard him tell great jokes, had the chance to introduce him at Cooper Union, that he wrote the foreword to my book and seemed to love me at least half as much as I loved him, that I was able to feast with him at CHARTA's Tribeca home-office, taking a cab together and talking about art, politics, our families. He was a wonderful man and we should all do something in his honor - work towards peace, justice, truthful history and generosity of spirit. LONG LIVE HOWARD ZINN!


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  2. Wonderful memories & great photos too. Thinking of you, elin!