Sunday, January 24, 2010

David's Birthday!

Here is David on his Birthday Eve with the paper jewelry Harper made him: a crown, 2 bracelets, 2 rings and necklace.

Today is David's 41st birthday and we went to the market. Here is what we bought: a lemon tart with candied lime; a Mont Blanc (a tart filled with chestnut cream); 2 loaves of fresh bread; Spanish strawberries; sausages and boudin blanc with sauerkraut for supper; bananas; hummus; stuffed grape leaves; 2 spinach-feta popovers; mesclun mix; lemons; apple-cassis juice; pure olive oil soaps - plain, verveine (verbena) and rosemary; green beans; sesame stick crackers. We came home to a feast and now the kids are napping. David is venturing out this Sunday afternoon to find a proper birthday cake! I offered to go, but he wants the challenge. Most shops are closed today and every day between 12-2:30 and sometimes on Mondays and whenever there is a strike or "social movement".

Yesterday we walked over to Vieux Lyon again and had a delicious crepe lunch. The kids had nutella and banana crepes and David and I had ham, emmenthal and egg crepes, with the egg sunny side up on top of the melty and delicious crepe. On our way over the pedestrian bridge, some birds sat on the wires, which always makes me think of Leonard Cohen. You can see the Fouviere Cathedral that overlooks Lyon through the wires:

After the crepes, we treated the kids to some cotton candy or "papa's beard":

This morning, while David slept in, Guthrie dressed Harper up in an old Julia Margaret Cameron sheet.

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