Monday, January 11, 2010

Chou Romanesco

Chou Romanesco is the French word for the green caulifower in yesterday's post. Thanks Corinne! It really is a delightful vegetable and Corinne served it as a delectable decoration on top of the pureed potiron (squash) on New Year's Eve. She is an amazing French cook - cooking on her grandmother's old wood stove. Here is Corinne in her wonderful kitchen; the New Year's Eve table covered with flowers, candles, wine, fried grated potatoes, slow-cooked lamb, and the potiron with chou romanesco; and my divine plate = Bon Appetit! Of course this was followed by amazing cheese, including my new favourite, Mont D'Or - a round soft-pink plump of a cheese in a circular wooden box (like Brie) but when you cut into it, you must scoop the creamy fromage out with a spoon.

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