Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where I Bought my Butter Today

Despite the continuing flurries of snow, the Lyonnais were out in full force this morning at the Croix-Rousse food market, the most BIO (organic) one in the whole city - lucky us! There was a school band of horns and drums on the snowy steps of the local mayor's office - magical. While David took the kids to the jam-packed playground, I managed to buy a loaf of country bread, 2 ripe avocadoes and fresh butter directly from the farmer:

Here are some more pictures of the market - green caulifower (I do not know what you call this cross-polinated vegetable.)

Here is Potiron (squash). This is one of my favourite vegetables served in France, usually as a whipped puree with garlic, curry, butter or potatoes:

And of course, the tastiest Oefs frais (fresh eggs) in a bed of straw:

Here is the band "Fanfare Piston," Ecole Centrale de Lyon, playing on the front steps of the Croix Rousse mayor's office:

This is the statue "Song of the Canuts (silk-weavers)" in the little playground beside the mayor's office:

And here is a game David made up on the side wall of the mayor's office - Guthrie, Harper and he tried to throw snowballs into the center of the cirle:

Harper with the new sled we bought for them yesterday:

And I can't resist sending another one of the Brueghel playground - much more crowded today than yesterday.

David and Guthrie about to watch Harper go flying down the hill as I head home to take photographs on the way and make lunch.

Happy kids:

And here is wonder papa David, a handsome French man here. I'm so proud of my Obama-appointed, W.H.O.-employed super epidemiologist husband:

Some pictures of my way home through the slushy quiet streets of Lyon:

The view from the end of our street at the plaza at the top of the Grande Montee (Grand Steps) from downtown:

A Rodchenko-inspired aerial view of one of the streets we take to the playground:

Snowy Lyon, one view:

Detail of drain in graffiti:

Our pathway and entranceway:

Our door is on the right:

Our door is on the left:

This is a leaf that Guthrie found at the mall yesterday on the floor. The mall, Part Dieu, was absolutely mad. We were actually a bit scared going up the stairs with hundreds of others, including lots of young drunk males. None of us have ever been at a mall when it was so crowded before. We even witnessed a fight between a crazy lady and a man and child.

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